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Monday, August 30, 2010

Starcraft 2: An Average Gamers Point of View and reactions

So I just picked this game up about two weeks ago and let me tell you, IT IS ADDICTING.

It is pretty bad when you have to literately pry yourself from your computer, but when you can't even walk away for sex, THAT is when you know you are hooked. To be honest this game isn't much different from the First and its expansion, Brood War. So I am taking this game more like an expansion than a actual new installment. Now I am going to have to break this game down to different categories. One thing you have to know before running out and buying this game is that it has SUPER addictive properties (Much like the Afro-American Crack) and that you must have the Internets to play it. Moving on now let's start with...

Single Player: Because some people just have to go solo.
The thing that gets me is you have to be Signed onto to even access the option to play it. To be honest I am not sure if you can play without a connection (those following me, please correct me if I am wrong)

With that being said, it is quite an amazing campaign experience. They present the story in a way, I personally, have never seen anything presented in a RTS single player campaign. Not as many CG cut scenes as I would have liked to see out of Blizzard, but if your computer can run the game at Max settings, I am sure the basic scenes look amazing. I know there were a few times when I turned up the graphics and re-watched a scene just to get a better effect.

I wasn't too impressed with the Story, if I were an outsider looking in at Starcraft 2 I would say "whut?" because, let's face it, this is an RTS, the story is going to be cliche. I don't really care one way or another because I bought the game to see where they are going with it, not for the multiplayer to be honest.

Let's step away from the story and CG scenes (or lack there of) and get into the gameplay. Obviously not much has changed from SC/BW to SC2. Same ol' RTS style, with some minor tweaks here and there to balance things out. What is nice about single player is that they added all of the extra units from SC and BW that are not actually in SC2 as trainable units. Units such as the Firebats, Medics and...I forget the name of the guys with the motorcycles and the Spider mines, but they are there as well.

You can also upgrade unit types at the Armory in the game using in game money you get from finishing missions. Which is pretty sick because it will cater to YOUR play style. So you want to make it so you can use multiple SCVs to build one structure, DONE. Hand over the cred and you have just that.

Another thing you can upgrade in the game is your Tech, you do this by finding Protoss Tech or Zerg uhh...Evolutions? After you find those you go to your lab and trade in and get one tech or the other. This also can cater to your play style because you have to make decisions like "Do I want to be able to drop in my troops anywhere on the map...or do I want to have a Tech Lab that is also a Reactor so I can Pump out Thors and Seige Tanks (or even Battlecruisers) at a breakneck speed?"

All this is pretty Schwey. But does this game stack up in...

Multiplayer: "Make'n Movies, Make'n Songs, and Fighting around the world" ~ Russel Crowe from South Park
First off I would like to begin with this: No lan Support...

WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU THINKING BLIZZARD?!? Shit better not be this way in Diablo 3 or I may go postal.

HAAAaaaaaaaa. Aside from this I must also complain about the fact that there are no more lobbies. I mean could they make this anymore like Xbox Live??? I mean sure it is nice having the match making service but I also would like my chat rooms so I can find some custom made RPG matches. Those were sick in SC1. At least I thought so.

Looking past the flaws though this Multi-player experience is SOLID. You start by choosing if you want to take part in the practice league. Chances are if you are new to starcraft you may want to do this. You may also want to get an experienced player to help you out though, because otherwise you will have no clue what you are doing. If you are a SC Veteran, you will fit right in with all the Proxy Barracks-ing and Rage Quitting and all the lulz that this game has to offer. The races are pretty even and each unit has a different counter.

Another nice feature about this game is the introduction to Leagues. There is Bronze, Silver, Gold, and (as you may have guessed) Platinum. There is also a practice league that allows you 50 matches before you get tossed into the fray. After you finish this or skip it, you will be put into a few Ranking matches, where it will be placed into the league Blizzards Program feels you should be placed into depending on how you played. I have not yet made this step because I still blow at this game. (For an Easy win add Regh)

There are unlockable portraits and achievements in this game as well but those don't really need to be mentioned.

I have kinda lost steam on this so I will jump to the Readers Digest Version now

Summing things up: I don't want to read everything you posted, so I am skipping to this point.
The game is Great. It is feels more like an expansion than a Stand Alone title though. Still, you get a lot of bang for your buck.

Gameplay is Rock Solid and stays true to the Starcraft formula in Both Single player and Multiplayer. I didn't mention this before but there are new units. My Conscience is clear now.

Overall I give this game an: 8.7 / 10

Everyone who reads this and either owns the game or buys it soon should give me an add on bnet. Be sure to Follow me on here for more reviews and Random thoughts that I get.

Regh out.


  1. Very well written, and none of the fan boy bias that seems to follow behind this game. You gave it a very fair score. :D

  2. yeah i wasnt much of a fanboi either but in the end its pretty decent all sides seem pretty balanced add gloistina any fellow players

  3. @kyle Yeah, I figured it would be better to turn my fan boyism off and just step back and view this game for what it is.

    @Gloistina I will give you an add.

    @gievmoneyplox I am sorry. But that is a nice bird you drew on your site.

  4. never played starcraft :(
    Sound/looks good tho :D

  5. SC2 is an ok game, I like the old C&C more.

  6. never played it but heard good things

  7. Thinking about getting it mainly because my friends are all on it at the moment. Thanks for the info though