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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare

This is my favorite game add on...EVER. The people at Rockstar worked their magic yet again and made a game that was awesome 800x better! How is it better exactly though? WEELLLLLLL...

First off, They added 6 hours of story to the game. Which isn't that bad seeing as how the pack comes to you in a nice $10 price. Aside from the new story, there are also a bunch of side missions. I played the game on Wednesday from 8am to about 9pm. So about 13 hours plus the time I spent today completing it, I would say there is about 16-17 hours of new content. THAT IS HUGE.

This is not one of the 4 Horses. This is a Night-Mare
Not to mention they added some new Zombie Killing Items. Such as The Blunderbuss, Holy Water, and Zombie Bait just to name a few. Plus there are new mounts in form of the Horses of The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and a secret one (which isn't so secret when you look at how to get one of the new outfits in the game).

The Story is well written too and takes more of a light hearted/Cheesy Zombie movie plot that is riddled with Morbid Zombie Comedy (when trying to figure out WTF was going on, one person blames it on the jews.) The gameplay is the same with the added detail you are now fighting zombies instead of Cowboys (or rather cowboy zombies) so you can't just shoot at them and hope they die. OH NO. That will just slow them down and waste bullets. No You must shoot the head off. You would know this if you have seen any zombie movie EVER.

Aww piss. Not again.
Some new game mechanics include a kinda gang turf battle that was in San Andres...Except with zombies, finding missing people instead of hunting people down and killing them, and all the random encounters have changed. My favorite are the cannibals because they keep a zombie as a pet and you can just choose to ignore it or slay both the human and zombie. Also, Bullets are the new currency so you can do missions like "Kill more zombies than someone" for 20 - 40 bullets. I have never seen a gambling thing lower than that.

Aside from all the zany antics, crazy horses, and zombie driven storyline, there is also a new Multiplayer option in which it is basically a "See how long you can survive against the undead hordes" in which there is no winning. Basically you have to rely on teamwork (though most of the time it is every man for himself). The team has to open a coffin to get more ammo since it is rather limited in this match type. Unfortunately, in all my experiences, the people you are playing with will not protect the person trying to open the Coffin. Which was usually me. I don't know if they knew I was trying to get the entire team ammo...either way. If you get on a kill streak you also can get phosphorous bullets which set the undead on fire. WOOOOO.

As mentioned before. THIS IS THE SINGLE BEST VIDEO GAME ADD ON EVER. Since it is just an add on, I am giving this in unconstitutional 10/10. Only because I am basing it on other add ons I have seen for games. If you own Red Dead Redemption and don't have this yet, do yourself a favor and actually get this one. You will not regret it.

Regh out

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wild West plus anything Automatic Win.

When I get home today, I am going to be writing my Review for Red Dead Redemptions new expansion (read: Overhaul) Undead Nightmare.

 But with that being said, a classmate of mine showed me this video.

I am instantly hooked on the idea of this movie. And it is from the Producer of the Lord of the Rings...This will most likely rock. I mean the producer of could this go wrong. Worst case scenario the story sucks but the action is F'n amazing. I don't care either way, this is a movie I must see.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Left 4 Dead 1 and 2

(Note: this post is unorganized. I am super stressed so I wasn't really thinking while writing it.)

Ok so today I have decided to do what I set out to do in the first place. That is post a review about a video game and with it being Halloween I figured why not cover a Zombie Video game? What better zombie video game is there that deals with MASS zombies (Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and a few other reviews also to come soon).

As you can see, Valve was really original with the box art...

Now this is one of my favorite games of all time. For those of you who somehow missed this game, it is a Co-op (4p) first person shooter for the PS3, 360, and PC where you take on the role of one of 4 survivors during the Zombie Apocalypse. NEAT. Now when I say zombie Apocalypse, I don't mean grandma and grandpa's zombie apocalypse. I am talking Full blown 28 days later kinda shit (if you have not seen that movie, watch it.) These zombies roam around in hoards! MASSIVE hoards. Which means Plenty of Zombie killing to go around for you and all your friends. By the time you finish a campaign you should have killed at least 300+ zombies. If you took the time to explore and actually take in everything in the game.

This is what a small horde looks like when they are coming for you
Not since Dynasty Warriors, have I seen so many characters on the screen that are being controlled by the computer. Yet somehow Valve manages to give the Zombies better A.I. than the Japs will ever give dynasty warriors. But occasionally on either of the console versions there is some frame rate dropping and the occasional lag. But that still doesn't mean this game isn't awesome.

That is a bit more like it
In this game, you go through the campaigns as if they are movies. Each one even has it's own "movie" poster that you see during the load screens as well as ending "credits" which are actually just stats that the game keeps track of the entire time. Hell, to push the movie theme even further, the game has something called the "Director" system. What this director does is if it sees that you and your friends are doing well, it will play an eerie horror movie sound and send waves of zombies at you. Not only that but it selects which special infected it will throw at you next. Special Infected are covered in the next paragraph. That however is only when the director is being a dick. The director can also give you more guns, helpful items, or ammo if you are struggling. It is really a cool system when you really think about it.

The faces of the cast when they found out they weren't
in the second game until "The Sacrifice" was released
I am not going to get into the specifics of the gameplay for these games. At least not for the humans. The humans play like any other first person shooter. You see something you want to shoot? Okay...then point and pull the trigger. Whoopty do. You also have the option to use your medical packs and adrenaline shots, which boost your speed and give you temp health, and the different types of ammo in the game. If you really want to know, play it. I will say this though, if you play the first game before the the second, you will be disappointed because you will grow to love the characters from the first and they are not in the second. (Bill NOOOOO.) 
Alright now. Special infected are crazy fun. There are a few different types of special infected. I will also give some VS. Strat for each of them.

The Boomer is hideous 
There is the Boomer which spits nasty goo on your human characters that causes hordes to attack the person who got spit on. This is a really nasty skill but the catch is it is super fat (which makes it rather easy to see more of the time) and slow. Also, the Boomer does not have too much health. But be careful! When the Boomer dies, it explodes (which I am assuming is why it is called Boomer) and if you are too close guess what? You are covered in Boomer Bile. Cool right? In the VS. mode in the game, you can are randomly assigned a special infected if you are on the infected side. When you are given this guy be careful, it isn't easy to hide or move. Not to mention his melee attack doesn't do too much damage and it has limited range with it's "puke" attack.

"I swear, I am not staring at your face...or tongue..."
Following the boomer, we have the Smoker. The Smoker can easily be identified without seeing it due to it's extremely nasty sounding cough. So what can something called the Smoker be good at? If I didn't know I probably would have never been able to guess so I will just tell you. The Smoker is able to shoot it's tongue out (if it can still be called that) and constrict survivors. It, too, has pretty low health. But what it doesn't have in health it makes up for with it's long range attack. When constricted by the smoker, you cannot do anything but pray for someone to save you (unless you are fast enough to save yourself before it completely has a hold of you). The Smoker is, in my opinion, one of THE most deadly infected in VS when played right. It is best not to use your tongue attack out in the open, but instead while standing on top of something extremely tall. This will make you grab the survivor and lift him or her off the ground leaving them completely helpless to anything down there. That includes anything that can kill them. Also you can use smokers to pull survivors close to witches (I will explain why this is a good idea later).

I would not fuck with that
Next on the list we have my personal favorite, The Hunter. This is another constrictor character but unlike the smoker, it leaps great distances to land on it's foes and begin tearing them apart. This character is super deadly because it is fast (when it is not crouching) and can quickly make your zombie killing experience into a rainy day. Luckily he is probably the easiest of all the special infected to hear because of his shriek and growling noises that he makes when attacking or getting ready to attack. If you happen to get a hunter as your character in VS, hang with the other special infected. By now you probably can see a trend here. I guess at the start of this review I should have said ALL special infected (with the exception of the tank) have low health. If you stay with the other infected, wait until the action starts off. Pounce any victim that is unlucky enough to run off on their own and you will most likely get a kill. Hunters can also jump from Wall to wall and have a very effective melee attack as well...

Check this video out for how to be an effective hunter.

He is 3x larger than any other infected.
Next there is the tank. He is huge. He can take a whole group of survivors by himself. He is a boss. and the director essentially gives him out during VS at random times. The tank is able to move quickly. When he hits you, your character goes flying. He also has a ranged attack of throwing slabs of ground that it can rip up from the ground. Essentially he is a killing machine and if you do not get a ton of points while being him, you probably are bad at L4D.

Years of inbreeding has lead to this.
The charger is next. He is also a constrictor like the Smoker and the Hunter, except he does a TON of damage. Basicly, a Charger should lead a pack of other infected into an attack. When he charges, he moves ultra fast, grabs the survivor you are aiming at (and stumbles everyone around that character) and slams them into whatever object stops it. THEN repeatedly smashed that same survivor into the ground. Brutal. As said before, it should lead an attack on a group of survivors just because of how fast and damaging it is. Unfortunately, this guy is only on L4D2. So if he interests you, you have to get that game.

The is also the Spitter. I did not care to get a picture of her due to all the images that appeared when I searched "spitter" on google. So what does the spitter do? Spits Acid. This is effect just because you can force survivors into traps with the acid and/or do a ton of damage over time. I really don't like using her, but I will if I have to. Also, when she dies, she spreads out a pool of acid where she was standing. So if you die over someone who is incapacitated, you will still do a good amount of damage.

She cries and cries...until you get close to her...

You cannot play as her. If you get too close or point a flashlight in her face you will startle her. She instantly incapacitate survivors. She has a ton of health and is a bitch to kill. You will know when a witch is around because of her crying.

This wasn't much of a review...But to sum up left 4 dead 1 and 2, it is only really good if you have people to play with. You can do 2 play local co-op (even on a PC) and 4 to 8 player online. This game is a lot of fun but if you get any version, get the PC version. It has way more re playability because you can download mods and new levels. Mods like this mod which is the most disturbing one I have seen yet. (the volume is abnormally loud on this vid. Watch with caution.)

I give this a 6 out of 10 unless you play it multiplayer. Then it is a 9 out of 10

Hopefully my next post my thoughts will be more aligned. I don't like how this one is set up or how I wrote it...but I don't care because I actually did a review...kinda...

Regh out.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Before I go back to The Books...

After Editing my last post, I found this video. It is by that Lasse fellow in the post before this (watch the other two videos first, to get a feel from what he has come from)

It is actually moving in a way (and it has some funny moment) So without further adieu, Consoul. Oh turn off the comments unless you want to see all the influences and Characters he threw in.

Gets me every time.

Checking out everyones pages now.


I like this too. It is a direct rip of Lasse Gjertsen Beatbox Video...But I still love it. Video embedding has been disabled from it however. weird.

If you don't know who Lasse Gjertsen is...

and this

this guy knows how to edit properly. I think I may try my hand at this someday soon and post it up here.


Thursday, October 21, 2010

I gotta do something to entertain the internet

I have been slacking on my posts lately. Which I find kinda bogus on my part. But it has been hard to play games for review/write a review in between making money to go to New York (to see my beautiful girl friend) and doing stuff at school. BUT I have decided that I need to post something daily. You know, For the views. Considering this blog at one time got 300 hits per day (before I put the counter up) to nothing but 3 - 20 per day. Not telling what these things will be. Maybe I will post something about my life and what's going on. I mean the blog title is Regh's Mind, therefor I should be able to post what ever is on my mind correct? Plus it is a blog on this thing the kids are calling the internet. Maybe I will start putting my scripts up here before I create the films to practice my art AND for some much needed criticism, complaints, concerns, comments, etc etc etc. Or maybe I will just put ear worms on here so others can be infected.

Either way, they will just be there for a temp. filler until I can get creative and write another review.

Is there anything else my readers would like to see here?

P.S. Earworm of the day

Monday, October 18, 2010

The song of the day is...

This has been stuck in my head all day. Be sure to watch the video because it is actually amazing.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fucking Crazy ass video game idea part one.

So I was sitting in class today when suddenly an idea for a MMO came to me! I actually think it is a good idea too! I really don't know if this has been done yet or not. If it has, tell me. I would love to play it. Anyhoo, moving on now...

When you log in for the first time, you are presented with a black screen with white text. The white text will welcome you to the world and ask you to create a something called a "bit." Other than that you are told that you are rogue computer code starting, trying to come become something greater than a single letter.

Now I know this is not correct, but for the sake of depth, one "bit" will be represented by a single letter (on screen) of the players choosing. So to start, there will be 24 different characters, each character have their own feats, skills (passive and active) and stat modifiers. The base stat for everything will be 5. Why? Because that is easy to work with. So let's say just as an example, you choose the letter B. B is for Barbarian, so you would have a Strength Modifier of +6, a dex modifier of -2, Intelligence -3, Wisdom -4, and Charisma -2.
That would translate out to:
STR 11

Okay, moving on now. So you are now a "B" on a black surface with little white trees and buildings. Think Atari style. At this point you are now able to set up keyboard short cuts and what not. You are also able to use the arrow keys (or if you choose WSAD) to move your character. You will then encounter other letters and squares. The Squares are here for you to level on. When you move up to them and invade the area they are in, a battle is started. During the battle, Your life will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. Enemies next to yours with turn by turn of what is going on in the battle in a chat box on screen. Your shortcuts can be used to initiate skills and spells.

Really the square are just there for free experience seeing how they won't be doing much Damage due to them being not as advanced as your single Character. After a few square battles you will level. Once you do level you will be able to put some points into your characters passive skills. Yes, only the passive ones at the moment. Oh, did I mention you stop gaining experience as well. This will cause most of my readers to "WTF" but hear me out. Remember how I said before that there are also other letters roaming around? Well, now you either enter the PVP Arena and fight other players OR you can fight the random NPC "bits." Once you kill one of the others, you will be asked if you would like to absorb the bit.

Of course you are going to want to absorb the bit because it allows you to start gaining experience again. BUT as an added bonus, you get to acquire two minor skills and one passive skill from the letter as well as all the stat buffs (and nerfs) of the bit you absorbed. You also take in the letter into your character and add it to it. So you are B and you add Q to your character. You will be given a box with you B in it. Inside said box you can manipulate the B and the Q. The only rule? You cannot exceed the limits of the box. You will have options to keep a bit attached to your character or destroy it. The choice will be up to he player seeing as how there will be a limited number of bits you can attach.

This Process continues until you reach level 8. Now this is when some cool stuff happens. After you Absorb your 7th character (so you have 8 in all now) you will be taken to a loading screen where you see a bit more color...and graphics. See, you have collected enough bits to become a "Byte." Which means you are now able to enter the 8-bit world or the byte world. At this part of the game, you will be assigned an avatar based on the Order you Selected the Bits. So someone who has "WNUOSPED" will not have the same avatar as "ASDFGHJK". Spelling certain worlds may also give you special buffs upon leveling. But they will only be temp. After you get your new 8-bit avatar, you will be hit with some more story (which I will not reveal incase I do create this game) and you may now name your character.

So Wat Do Now? Well now that you are in the byte world, things will look more Zelda-esque. I am talking NES zelda. You receive new skills based on the 8 characters you chose and in which order. The controls remain the same but you are now hunting for letters (non-player) or PVP arena. By killing letters you will receive parts of the letters that you slay. Which will either give you equipment, crafting materials (assuming you or your friend have the "Craft" ability and a item coding copied) and BP which will stand for Byte Points. Not British Petroleum. You will receive BP every battle. As for the equipment, it will provide stat boosts and elements. The elements do nothing but minor extra just wait. Once you obtain 1024 BP, you will be eligible for your next character advancement.

The next step is becoming a "Kilo." The world of the Kilo is different from the world of the Byte. Instead of looking like a NES game, things now look like a SNES or Sega game. Remember the elements on the equipment from before? Well that now becomes your Primary element. I hope to have several elements in the game just for some verity and much re-playability. The first draft of the list looks something like this: Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Ice, Electric, Wood, Shadow, Grass, Metal, Light, Spirit, and Martial. May not give all those at once. Might force some sort of pay system...or even better. Give all those and but also and premium content like god and demon elements (names pending) Obviously some elements will school others. But I want every character to stand a chance. No Over Power Rape BS. Balancing will be the key. But I don't want to neutralize the game play and make it slow and bland. I want it to be mildly fast pace you know.

I have some other ideas but I don't want to reveal them yet. I need to work out the details plus I don't want to get all my ideas out there incase someone steals it. Unless they steal it with the intentions paying me. Then I would be happy to help them out (after I've seen a contract)

Tell me what you think so far. Part two will be just as fun as part one.. I want feedback, questions, comments, concerns, complaints, get the point.

Ya Her?

P.S. Steal it and I will sue your ass. Unless I see 20% of the green and full creative control. THOSE ARE MY DEMANDS!

OH I will add pictures later. This looks souper bland (I'm hungry)

Regh out.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Pokemon Black and White Preview

The legendaries. It is a Yin-Yang theme for this game.
Pokemon Black and White

New Prof = Babe
Note: I played Pokemon Black for this preview. White is essentially the same game with minor tweaks

Good evening everyone. I come to you today with a sneak Preview of Pokemon Black for the DS. Now I know what most of you are saying..."Pokemon? WTF? Why the hell would we care about pokemon?" The answer to this question is "I don't give a Fuck, if you don't like it don't read this." Moving on now.

I got the Japanese version from a friend who said to me, "You write reviews. What about previews? Preview this." So I am. The thing that I dislike the most about the Japanese version so far is the fact I don't really know what is going on in the story. But from what I can tell, this game will have more story than any other version of Pokemon due to the fact that I get called up or stopped by rivals (yes, there is more than one in this game) or by the new Professor.

Yes you can. At the beginning of the game you are given a watch that I guess has a cellphone in it. Go figure. Now I have only played to like the second badge, but another useful tool I got was the Dowsing tool. Like the other games, this is used to find items that are hidden. But unlike the other games, this tells you which direction the item you are looking for is in, thus making it easier to find. Hurray for easy things!

The new map.
The Bottom Town is like New York in a lot of ways.
Other than that, another sweet new feature is that all the pokemon in the game have their own in battle idle animations! Yes, the Pokemon now move in battle. My favorite animation I have seen so far is one of the characters throws a piece of wood into the air, then catches it and twirls it. Then loops. This is still a huge step for Pokemon considering the last 4 generations have just kinda sat there looking pretty. Now, in the fifth Generation they can move. Oh did I mention that there is like 600+ Pokemon all together now? No? Well there are now 600+ pokemon. You know what I say to that? PISS ON CATCH'EM ALL. I am just going to catch the ones I want. Which might be only the ones I can see in the game.

OH YEAH. They added new 3v3 battles to the game. THESE ARE NUTTY. It is kinda hard to keep track of three pokemon and makes the game feel more like a classic RPG rather than a Pokemon game. They also added rotational battle which I have not come across yet. But my guess (according to the name) is that in a rotational battle, you will be switching your pokemon on the fly...which seems weird to me but what do I know?

The top three are your starters. The rest are some you will see...a lot of...
The new Pokemon look just as they should. Some are cute while others look like they would eat the smaller ones. One thing I must not, The feel of these pokemon seem like they are more Americanized. What I mean by that is the Pigeon actually looks like a pigeon and there is now a dog pokemon. There is also some Chinese Mythology looking creatures, see if you can figure out which one I am talking about in the photo next to this.

It also feels like the game has been slightly tweaked from what it was 4th generation of pokemon. Some moves seem like they have been nerfed while others have received buffs. Which isn't a bad thing, this just shows that they put some effort into the game seeing as how the past few games have been the same pile of shit with a new coat of paint on it. Mind you it still is. So if you like pokemon, you will love this game. If you hate pokemon, then don't look at this. If you like challenging RPGs but have never played pokemon, grab this game when it comes to our shores...which I think is Spring 2011?

Either way, I give this game a "I can't wait!"

Regh out.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

We Celebrate my Sisters birthday today

It is a joyous occasion because today is my sister's sweet 16 party.

I plan on not posting tonight. I would also like to apologize with the lack of new posts recently I have been crazy busy with School and what not. Thank you everyone who still checks out my blog. I plan on getting together a post tonight or tomorrow. After an ass load of homework of course.



P.S. Be sure to check out my GF's blog to see her beautiful art and my friend Ankiseth's Blog for retro game reviews.

LET'S not forget Megan's Blog to see what she learned today.

OH YEAH. Also, ask me some questions. I wanna get a QnA Post up.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

We Dudes Really like boobs (Not exactly safe for work...Rated R?)

Let's face it, this had to happen sometime. Mostly because boobs are one of the greatest things ever created. Mind you I don't know who or what created them, but he, she, or it knew what they were doing. Not only did they create the awesomer-est things ever to look at, but they created the most powerful tool known to (wo)man. Some believe that boobs are actually work of the Ark of the Covenant. Others believe that they are just skin with fat in them. One individual I talked to called them "udders". Whatever you believe them to be, one thing is for sure, these things are awesome. They have the power to change history too.
Adam just wanted
Some of this awesome

Let's start with a story everyone knows, The Story of Adam and Eve. Based on my previous statement of everyone knowing the story, then we all know how it went. Eve ate the apple and thus got Herself and Adam banished. Well I thought about it for a long time and something just didn't make sense to me. Why would Adam get banished with Eve? Well obviously because he ate the apple too. But WHY would man do that? Because he want to impress Eve and get some more action with those awesome boobs. That is why. And you know what, It worked for him. He got laid at least four times. Probably more considering he lived like 900 plus years. I mean what would get a chick hotter than getting banished from the Garden of God himself.

Other known times of boobs changing history: Ceasar and Cleopatra, Yoko and John, Lady Godiva, Beauty and The Beast, Green Ranger becoming the White Ranger (he didn't sacrifice himself to save everyone, he did it for Kimberly's awesome Boobage), etc.

This is what Typical Jailbait looks like.
So why do boobs exist? Well the primary reason why boobs exist is to feed Children. Who knew? But the secondary reason is so men/women will be drawn in. For mating purposes of course. Boobs can also be used tell a womans age, how loose she is, and how much fun she will be in the sack. There are charts for these things online. Don't count on me posting them here. Instead Google them or ask for them on 4chan for christ sakes. Unfortunately, lies can now be created thanks to modern science. Not only am I referring to breast augmentation, but all the stuff they inject into our foods. This causes females under the age of 18 to develope massive boobs. So if girls under 18 have massive tits and you are looking at them, that girl is now jailbait. Which can lead to you being a pedophile. No Who is doing this? McDonald's. That is right...McDonald's causes jailbait. I said it.

This chick knows how versatile they are.
There are many more uses for boobs. You can use them as stress balls (be gentle, you don't want to hurt her...unless she is into that...then who am I to judge?), pillows, face warmers, the perfect distraction during covert spy ops, cup holders, thermometers (if you don't know about this one, next time it is cold out, grab a boob...with consent of course), among other things. You know, sexual stuff. I will not get into that because I don't want to lose my ad sense account for talking about how different sex things involving boobs work. Oh, you can also use boobs to mind link with women causing them to want to have sex with you...This is an advance technique and should not be tried by noobs.

The Problem
Straight males and all females (all girls are secretly bisexual this has been proven by science) cannot help but check out boobs. It is our natural reaction when being confronted by them. Ladies, please do not take this as an insult. Instead take it as a compliment. If you do get offended by this kind of unwanted attention, please do not slap us or throw your drink in our face. One, that is a waste of a perfectly good drink. Two, we don't mean it. It is just a natural instinct. A way to solve this is by covering up a little. Another way is if the person in question discreetly checked your awesome boobs out using ancient ninja techniques. Google them.
Epic Boob C-C-C-Combo Breaker.

How do you prevent your significant other from checking out other boobs? Well this is easy. The reason they are looking in the first place is because they have Vitamin Boob deficiency. You can solve this by giving them the daily fifteen minutes of boob action. Rather it be video, picture, or in person. With these fifteen minutes, your significant other should fill up on on the nutrients they need thus making them not want to check out boobs. Also it helps if you wear something low cut. We like that too.
Boobs can even make you like Soccer!

Keeping them clean and well kept is also important. No one wants to put their mouth on a dirty boob. That's how the slut is spread. Once you get the slut, you can not get rid of the slut. So, you must clean them. If you do not feel like cleaning them but have a significant other (or someone who you will let touch your boobs), you are in luck! I have developed a technique for just this situation. So you take a shower with your other and you tell them you will give them some boob action. While they are going to town on your knockers, you put liquid soap on them. Presto, if you did this correctly, your boobs will be lathered. Rinse and you are good to go. If the other has the mind link ability that I mentioned before you are screwed. You will be sexing them up in no time, so you must be careful when deploying this strategy. Either way win/win.
Wingman "Hollywood"

You know what else is awesome about boobs? They come in any shape, size, or color that you want. Personally, I prefer enough for each hand (and white). Any more than that is pointless to me. Any less than that will make me want more. But this is all based on preference. Boobs that I may consider the "bomb", may not be to someone else. So it is a good idea to talk to your friends about what they consider proper for their boob selection. For wing man purposes. Because everyone needs a wingman once in awhile.

Overall, I have to say boobs are the greatest thing to ever be placed on this world. Followed by the internet, video games, and thai food. These things can literately do anything...or cause other people to do your crap for you. If boobs did not exist, I would not be the charismatic mother fucker that I am today. With that being said, I have to give boobs a 20 out of 10.

By the by, My girlfriend has AMAZING boobs. So awesome I wrote a haiku about them.

My Girlfriends Boobs are
Fucking phenomenal, yeah.
Need my hands on them.

Regh out.

Thanks to all the sites I got these from.
< /boobrant>

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New post will be posted...Today....

But at the moment I am in class. So instead you will have to check out my girlfriends art blog.


Regh out.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Megaman Zero...Because Zero was badass enough to get a sequel

Megaman Zero
Warning: This Zero May look cartoony, but is still capable of rocking your face

Zero from  MMX series

Of all the characters to get a spin-off game, this is by far the best choice Capcom could have made. If you played Megaman X4 before and I mean REALLY played it, you probably played through the game as Zero and thought, "How can I play as Megaman when Zero is so much more fun to play as" because Megaman's storyline was about ten folds easier than Zero's. The Sheer challenge I felt through playing Zero, made Megaman X4 my favorite Megaman game. Sure the Story and music took a turn for the worst, but the mechanics were spot on.

Enough of me ranting about how Zero was so bad ass in Megaman X4, let's talk about how badass he is in Megaman Zero.

Zero takes place about 100 years after the end of Megaman X. The Events that happen in the middle are a bit fuzzy, I think that is so they can finish up the X series. The Reploids are being hunted by the forces of Neo Arcadia. The remaining ones have banded together and fight Neo Arcadia and their leader, who is a reploid claiming to be X. Both with their numbers dwindling day by day and supplies running low, they begin to become desperate and start searching for the Legendary reploid, Zero. During one of the expeditions, the Reploid hunter bots corner Ciel, leader of the reploid resistance, and her small party. Luckily, they found a red reploid with long blond hair. Only problem is, he is powered down. In a desperate act, Ciel's cyber elf sacrifices it's self and revives zero.
Zero from the MMZ Series. Notice
the extra amount of badass added

This is the stage that is set in this first of what is 4 Megaman Zero games. It is quite a fast paced and well written plot for a Megaman game considering most of the time to story is just "wiley's trying to take over the world again...Kill his robots and do your own stuff."

You will be seeing a lot of run and gun gaming action here. The difficulty and speed has been cranked up as well. Your reaction times will be tested and you will get frustrated while playing this game. At least once or twice or at the very end of the game when you are taking on the final boss for about two hours because even though you have the bosses attack patterns down, it is still ridiculously hard to dodge any of it's attacks thus causing you to use your healing cyber elves...

Oh yeah, that reminds me, Cyber Elves are these new things that are basically virtual pets that you feed e crystals to to make them mature. What the hell do cyber elves do? Well since you asked, cyber elves are little creatures that will give you a boost of some sort. Rather it be a passive boost to damage or attack speed or even healing you, these little buggers are useful. Be careful though, some can only be used once.

The only problem in this game is that you don't get different powers like Megaman would, but instead Zero gets elements (for elemental attacks), cyber elves, and different weapon upgrades.
This is what a usual Boss Fight looks like.
Thank you Gamer's Hell for having the only
shot that I WANTED.

This game has HEAVY emphasis on learning a bosses pattern and what equipment combinations the enemies are weak against. Most are pretty cut and dry where as others will be a bit challenging to figure out. Some don't even have a weakness, so you just have to have the controls masters and hope you do awesome. Another way this game has changed heavily from the X counter part is that you have to walk to all the places you want to go to. No choosing a level and being warped there. No. You have to choose the direction and then dash, jump, and cut your way into is usually fun but if you have to restart a level (which you will) over and over again, you may get frustrated.

In this game, after you finish a level, you will be graded. The grades will give you better stuff if you do well. This encourages you to go back and play levels over to try and increase your score. Also, during a boss fight if you finish it by using your Z-Saber, the enemy will be cut in half is quite satisfying to see sometimes.

The music in this game is comparable to that of the Megaman X series. To take a page out of Programmableabortion's blog, here is some game music.

This is actually a remix of an old song from Megaman X. I believe it was called Enter Zero.

This one is pretty good and I am pretty sure that it is another Remix...

The sound effects are great in this game too. You have everything from the Sound of you cutting something in half to Shooting stuff with your pistol. It is all how it should be, really cartoony and Megaman X-esque. I personally loved it because I am kinda a huge Megaman fan and I have been following the blue bomber since before the X series even started. So of course I am going to be biased towards the sounds. They are just too nostalgia-fied that I can't get enough of them...despite them probably being some of the most annoying sounds ever heard by some unlucky person when I play megaman without my headphones on. lulz
Who needs a gun arm?

Despite this game having some changes to the Megaman Series, it is quite refreshing. I mean come on, Zero deserves this. He is quite possibly my favorite character in the Megaman Universe. I mean this is obvious because they didn't make this game suck like the end of the X series did. This game is really hard though. That is what is fun about it though. It actually takes a lot of skill to finish this game. It takes even more skill to collect everything in the game. But go on Yonder gamer, go into the voyage for why the hell is X a bad guy in this game.

All and all though, this game gets a 9.2 out of 10

Regh out.