The Loyal

Saturday, October 9, 2010

We Celebrate my Sisters birthday today

It is a joyous occasion because today is my sister's sweet 16 party.

I plan on not posting tonight. I would also like to apologize with the lack of new posts recently I have been crazy busy with School and what not. Thank you everyone who still checks out my blog. I plan on getting together a post tonight or tomorrow. After an ass load of homework of course.



P.S. Be sure to check out my GF's blog to see her beautiful art and my friend Ankiseth's Blog for retro game reviews.

LET'S not forget Megan's Blog to see what she learned today.

OH YEAH. Also, ask me some questions. I wanna get a QnA Post up.


  1. Wow, 16? I remember your sister being in like 2nd grade, haha. Have fun :-)

    No rush on new posts, yo. Yours are still always fun to read when they do come up. And thanks for the shameless plug, G-Fresh.

  2. I added you to the links on the sidebar on my blog :D Thank you.

    Whenever I hear "sweet 16" I think of the South Park where Satan wants a Ferrari cake and all that. And Biggie Smalls.

    Oh, btw, if I sounded like a bitch in my comment on your boobs post, it was unintentional. That post was pretty classic. XD Ankiseth has already used your excuse of Vitamin boob deficiency.

  3. Watch out on the roads, amirite? :D

  4. if she's somehow good looking .. then put me on the list ;D

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