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Monday, October 11, 2010

Pokemon Black and White Preview

The legendaries. It is a Yin-Yang theme for this game.
Pokemon Black and White

New Prof = Babe
Note: I played Pokemon Black for this preview. White is essentially the same game with minor tweaks

Good evening everyone. I come to you today with a sneak Preview of Pokemon Black for the DS. Now I know what most of you are saying..."Pokemon? WTF? Why the hell would we care about pokemon?" The answer to this question is "I don't give a Fuck, if you don't like it don't read this." Moving on now.

I got the Japanese version from a friend who said to me, "You write reviews. What about previews? Preview this." So I am. The thing that I dislike the most about the Japanese version so far is the fact I don't really know what is going on in the story. But from what I can tell, this game will have more story than any other version of Pokemon due to the fact that I get called up or stopped by rivals (yes, there is more than one in this game) or by the new Professor.

Yes you can. At the beginning of the game you are given a watch that I guess has a cellphone in it. Go figure. Now I have only played to like the second badge, but another useful tool I got was the Dowsing tool. Like the other games, this is used to find items that are hidden. But unlike the other games, this tells you which direction the item you are looking for is in, thus making it easier to find. Hurray for easy things!

The new map.
The Bottom Town is like New York in a lot of ways.
Other than that, another sweet new feature is that all the pokemon in the game have their own in battle idle animations! Yes, the Pokemon now move in battle. My favorite animation I have seen so far is one of the characters throws a piece of wood into the air, then catches it and twirls it. Then loops. This is still a huge step for Pokemon considering the last 4 generations have just kinda sat there looking pretty. Now, in the fifth Generation they can move. Oh did I mention that there is like 600+ Pokemon all together now? No? Well there are now 600+ pokemon. You know what I say to that? PISS ON CATCH'EM ALL. I am just going to catch the ones I want. Which might be only the ones I can see in the game.

OH YEAH. They added new 3v3 battles to the game. THESE ARE NUTTY. It is kinda hard to keep track of three pokemon and makes the game feel more like a classic RPG rather than a Pokemon game. They also added rotational battle which I have not come across yet. But my guess (according to the name) is that in a rotational battle, you will be switching your pokemon on the fly...which seems weird to me but what do I know?

The top three are your starters. The rest are some you will see...a lot of...
The new Pokemon look just as they should. Some are cute while others look like they would eat the smaller ones. One thing I must not, The feel of these pokemon seem like they are more Americanized. What I mean by that is the Pigeon actually looks like a pigeon and there is now a dog pokemon. There is also some Chinese Mythology looking creatures, see if you can figure out which one I am talking about in the photo next to this.

It also feels like the game has been slightly tweaked from what it was 4th generation of pokemon. Some moves seem like they have been nerfed while others have received buffs. Which isn't a bad thing, this just shows that they put some effort into the game seeing as how the past few games have been the same pile of shit with a new coat of paint on it. Mind you it still is. So if you like pokemon, you will love this game. If you hate pokemon, then don't look at this. If you like challenging RPGs but have never played pokemon, grab this game when it comes to our shores...which I think is Spring 2011?

Either way, I give this game a "I can't wait!"

Regh out.


  1. I can't wait to get this game too. Side note, couldn't you get called up in Platinum too? I remember getting stopped like every other route to be called by my mom or some random dude I met trying to say how much stronger they were than me.

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  3. I'm pretty stoked to try this one out. I haven't really played and beaten a Pokemon game since 2nd generation. I did play a bit of 3rd, but gave up because of schoolings.

    This one looks like it's going to be the shit.

  4. you know whats weird tho, i never really got into any pokemon after red/green/blue lol i stopped watching it when they introduced all those weird new pokemon becuz it wasnt what i was used to haha

  5. I might buy this when it comes out if I have money. Also a 3DS. I still haven't finished the Elite Four in Diamond, though.

  6. Srsly, a shit ton of people still play Pokemon games on a daily basis. :D
    Thanx for the review!

  7. @ LoneIslander, I never played Plat so I am not sure. I wouldn't doubt it though seeing as how pokemon doesn't have an original bone in it's body anymore.

    @ Ankiseth, I know what you mean man. I am pretty stoked.

    @ Chasityxo, This is a good game to come back to the series with.

  8. @ Megan, Won't need a 3ds. It is coming out for the DS and 3DS. BUT it will look like three times cooler. Finish Diamond. I am also looking into the R4. I will be contacting Ankiseth about it later.

    @ Savage Nugget, Of course man. People love the RPG aspects and all the creatures.

  9. pokemon died after the red/blue edition
    keep up the good work