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Friday, March 11, 2011

Black Ops Review. Yeah, this is happening right now.

There are several reasons to complain about it, but what is Black Ops really. Fan boys and girls everywhere will either say they love it or hate it, but what about an unbiased opinion about the game? Luckily I am here to tell you exactly what you are in for IF you haven't played this yet. Here we goooo.


It's a shooter. If you want to know how the mechanics works, play any shooter ever. They are pretty much all the same. One nice feature that this game did add, however, is the ability to dive in mid sprint. Yes, that is correct, you can now relive your favorite action movie scene by jumping out of a window and mowing down your opponent with some hot videogame lead. Knifing remains the same as other Call of Dutys. In other words you will still have times when you are like "wtf, why didn't I hit?" or ever occurring "HOW THE FUCK DID THAT EVEN HIT ME" kill cam. There is one complaint I have and that is in multiplayer, if you duck behind a wall and are pressing on it, sometimes other opponents can see you and actually shoot you! Yikes. Since I discussed the gameplay, next step would be talking about the single player campaign.

Edit: The main menu of this game is so bad ass. I am a sucker for interactive menus though. If you don't know what I mean by that tap aim and shoot repeatedly and check it out. (type DOA or zork on the computer...I dare you)

Solo play
Like the last few call of duties since the Modern Warefare jump, The story is action packed and tends to fuck up the facts of what actually happened. But who cares, this story mode is one of my favorites for any shooter...ever. Top 25 I'd say. You alternate through different characters during the story, but most of the time you are playing as a dude named James Mason. There are plenty of explosions and a couple of good songs in this game. All and all I have to give the story a B-. It was not the most moving thing, at times I got frustrated because of the odds against you (i.e. 3 man group vs a whole army and all you have is a shotgun. Boned) Despite that though, There are TONS of explosions. So many you may think Michael Bay directed the game.

But I mean what warm blooded American male doesn't like explosions? If your answer is you I must ask you, Are you gay? If your answer was no, you may want to check again.

Multi play
Here is where things get sketchy. As much fun as I had playing Call of Duty online, there were aspects that made me furious. One aspect was people pulling out the plug when they were about to lose. I mean, are some people so worried about their kill to death ratio that they would actually do this? I mean it pisses me off when you can't get more than 5 mins of play time because some dumb ass pulls the plug. Accept a loss and don't be a bitch.

*straightens tie* In other news, The perks in this game are pretty off the hook. They all do something worth having. Some are clearly better than others though. Such as Ghost, Scavenger, (the over used) second chance, and others. Also returning to multiplayer is Pro perks which allow your perks to somewhat evolve. For example, If you have scavenger pro, you start a map with more ammo and the ability to replenish your secondary grenades.

OH YEAH, there are a ton of great guns in this game. Personal favorite is a FAMAS with s flame thrower attachment. Hooah.

Oh yeah, the new care packages are rape. But if someone gets enough kills without dying to get one, they deserve them.

The maps in this game itself were not diverse enough. It felt like the Sniper rifle was a completely useless weapon up until their first map pack. Sure, there were a few levels, but it didn't feel like you could really Snipe except for mid to short range. Once the new map pack hit, it kind of targeted snipers I feel like. I do love all the maps  in this game though. I feel they are all fun but could use a few more hiding place. Battlefield has better maps by far though (and fully destructible environments)

All and All
Black Ops is a solid shooter and I don't really see what all the complaints are about. Sure there are a few things to complain about and nothing has really changed. So I give this game a 7.1 out of 10. Online is addictive though. Back to it!

I would post pictures for this review but I am in a piss poor mood and dont feel like it.

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  1. Never really got into the tactical shooter genre. Maybe because I was actually in the military, I don't know. But I heard alot of really good things about this game and I might just make an exception in this case.

  2. BLACK OPS FTW!! Love wager matches I think they add a new spin to the multiplayer. Haven't really tried the single player out that much. Who needs it when you have online? lol