The Loyal

Monday, November 29, 2010

Back again. Unfortunately.

I hope everyone had a sweet Thanksgiving. I know mine was super awesome because it was spent with my beautiful girlfriend, Rennnn. Unfortunately however, I am back in my home town and I start back my classes tomorrow 8:30 am sharp. So no real post tonight. I do have a few stories to recap from my trip. But that can wait until tomorrow.

But I do have one question...WHY IS STRING CHEESE SO DAMN GOOD???

That is a mystery that will baffle me forever.

In other news, I got to play a few games during my vacation so expect a review for them. In the up coming month or so I plan on reviewing Black Ops (before christmas), Monster Rancher 2, various iPhone/Droid games, and possibly Parasite Eve 1 and 2. This is assuming my ADD ass don't forget about this. Yeah.

Regh out.



  1. String cheese IS indeed so damn good... makes me wanna have one right now...

  2. I love playing with tbhe cheese and trying to make the smallest, yet longest string possible. :D

  3. cheese is the source of all love.

  4. string cheese is effin delicious.