The Loyal

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Why I think internet streaming of TV Shows should be perfectly legal

Because I don't want to pay for a Whole season of "How I met your mother" just to watch one episode...

Maybe if there was a CHEAP (Dollar or to a month) online subscription site, I would pay that fee as long as the streams were reliable, fast, and not Megavideo Quality...JUST SAYING.


  1. Hulu doesn't have that one episode?

  2. Yeah islander i'm sure it does...also HuluTv is in development.

    I agree with OP(Regh)though. :P

  3. Seriously. All those payment things are either too pricey and i feel like i wont use them for the cost, or you have to buy the whole season and you may not even like the show yet. sup with that?

  4. watching is legal in my country
    just uploading is illegal
    keep up the good work

  5. Bubbles, it's the same in the US. It's perfectly fine (well, a gray area, but still) to watch streaming videos like that; it's the uploaders who are breaking the law.

  6. This will soon change due to COICA I am sure.