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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Oh Snap: 360 overheat temp fix.

So I only have a few hours before I land and I get to see my beautiful girlfriend, Rennnn. Not Sure what the TSA is going to do to me. But oh well. That isn't why I am posting right now!

I am posting because I found a way to prevent a Xbox 360 from over heating while it is Horizontal! So lemme tell you how I discovered this...

So I was playing Modern Warfare 2 last night (yeah I know, not Black Ops, I am a loser. I plan on getting that after google pays me dammit!) and suddenly my Xbox over heated! At first I was scared because I saw red lights coming from my 360. I instantly jumped up and unplugged it from the power pack. Waited for awhile and then plugged it back in. The 360 told me that it over heated. So I shrugged it off, let it cool down and then jumped back in only to have it happen again. Now, with my minor knowledge in computers (and ventilation) told me that obviously the 360 wasn't getting enough air to the innards. So I left it on and searched around for the areas where the air was being vented. What I found out pissed me off...a lot. You know the little holes all along the top and bottom of the sides of the Xbox? Well that is where most of the venting takes place. Now why would the put ventilation holes on the bottom when they know most people are going to run the 360 while it is on it's horizontal.

Look. Vents on the Bottom and
Rubber raisers(?)

So the only solution would be to stand the 360 up vertically. Unfortunately for me, my entertainment center does not allow me to do this and I don't want my big ass 360 sitting out and about. So why would Microsoft make a faulty air vent? Obviously because they are money grubbing bastards. Aside from that though, I came up with a solution.

It's kinda like recycling
It is cheap and easy to do too! Basically, all you do is take 4 caps from water bottles or pop (soda, cola, coke, etc.) just make sure they are all the same size. Then put then under the xbox on the four rubber points that are supposed to lift the horizontal 360 up off the surface. This will greatly increase the air flow thus not allowing your 360 to overheat. Easy fix right? Now this probably won't work forever. But what do I care. With Crummy customer control and the prices going up on live, after this 360 croaks I am done with Xbox. All PS3 all the way.

That is all.

Regh out.


  1. I am glad the PS3 is getting some more acceptance. Anyway i really like this idea you had, I also used a similar trick to keep my PS1 from over heating (idk why it even did) I would take the little matchbox car holders that came in the carrying cases and place it underneath and it kept it high enough to suck in air and stay away from any other hot objects. You got a new follower.

  2. it doesn't matter whether you stand it vertically or horizontally, you will always be blocking vents. If you notice. the bottom of the xbox (opposite side of where the hard drive goes) it's basically one big vent. So if you stand it up vertically, you're blocking that one.

    So I'm not sure which vents are more useful to have exposed, but I keep mine vertical.

  3. Nice Regh, will definitely beusing this setup. :D

  4. I think I tried this already but it didn't work for us.

  5. Haha, such a nice, simple solution to such an annoying problem. Of course other small objects could produce the same effect, but bottle caps can easily be lying around the house, I imagine.

    I have a wii, which stands vertically, but unfortunately is outside the entertainment center, where it suffers smoke damage from my mother's cigarettes and dust. Mainly because it is the only place it fits without getting in the way.