The Loyal

Friday, November 19, 2010

Life and times (non-review)

This is one of those post I posts when I am in deep thought about things. Yet really I am not thinking about too much. Just mainly about my flight out to see my lovely girlfriend Rennnn (be sure to check out her art blog) and the TSA Scan/physical I will be receiving from the wonderful TSA agents. I am really okay with receiving both. I don't care if the person behind the desk at the scanner gets an eye full of junk. Then if I don't pass that, I don't care if the inspector feels me up. I am going to make a dick comment like "shouldn't you buy me dinner first?" or something assy like that. Which may get my balls destroyed...Maybe I will rethink that half...

It is really hard to stay on topic here because I am watching The Daily Show and Jon Stewart is tearing Glen Beck a new one and it is causing me to laugh my balls off. Recomposing self now.

So where do I go from here? I mean I guess I could just start typing and see where that takes me. It has been awhile since I have done something like that. But that is hard to do when you are half asleep and don't really have a topic/anything to discuss. Uhh. Wendy's commercial just came on again...those damn nuggets look so good. OH I also want to see that new show Brew Masters. Why? Because I do enjoy the taste of beer. I like trying different beers, no matter how bad they taste (Dirty Bastard) or college kids dream (PBR!). Some meals just need a beer. Hot wings and a Beer. Amazing.

Well that was a wild ass and random tangent...I think I am going to go play some more diablo two. Because I am cool like that.

Regh Out.



  1. Oh those wacky TSA agents lol. ANd yes that was the greatest trick play in the history of football lol

  2. :)):)) wow!!!!

  3. yea i seen that.. i was like WATSSDAFADSFAF WE FWFS. then i calmed a bit

  4. lol what is going on how could they let that happen