The Loyal

Monday, September 20, 2010

Hey, wait, I've got a new complaint.

No new post today because I must admit, I am rather shocked and frustrated by the amount of comments I get saying stuff like "Supporting daily", "check out my blog at blah blah blah.", or "Nice Post Bro"

I don't want to see comments like this anymore. If you would really like to show your support, post something that actually takes some thought to post. No more of this Copy Paste bullshit.

If you have something constructive to post, do it.

If not, piss off.

Regh Out.


  1. Cool post, bro!


    Seriously, though, I agree with you. My own blog has its fair share of comments like "interesting" or "supportin'!". I guess I wouldn't mind if it didn't take me so long to put together my reviews. As it is, though, you may as well just say, "Hey, stopping in to let you know I didn't bother reading a goddamned thing you wrote. By the way, come check out my blog!"

    Kinda retarded. Seriously, keep the posts coming, though. Yours usually manage to make me laugh more than once.

  2. By the way, after posting that, I saw your hit counter was at 666.

    I ROCK.

  3. lol i feel yea bro

    thats how i feel :/

    i take the time to read peoples blog and some just copy and paste on mine it gets on my nerves

  4. cool post man...
    Just kidding, I hate that too
    It happens all the time

    I just put up with it, delete the spam, and respond to the legit comments

  5. why dont u just mod ur comments bro, then u can delete all that faggotry from the get go, jus sayin' :)

  6. Report all such content as spam....protip :D

    Dashboard>Comments>Click SPAM on problem comment

  7. Interesting..

    Support and follow u! :)

  8. LMAO, sure enough, you get a copy/paste comment on your post complaining about copy/paste comments.

    Welcome to Blogspot :-)

  9. I don't add people back like that, and even remove people that start doing that after their first post. Content is important.

    I also remove people that stop commenting back to me after awhile... even after I commented on them a few times.

  10. Yeah I kinda saw that happening.

    I don't want to mod my comments because I want to give people a chance.

    And because I am lazy as piss.

  11. Also if people spent more time on their posts, maybe they would get more comments. Instead of having one decent sized post every so often and posting things that are not theirs. Such as Comics or photoshop jobs they did not do. If I wanted that I would have gone to cesspool of the internet.

  12. I agree with you on this. I'm sick of people saying that they're showing love or supporting daily.

  13. I believe if one is nice enough to post on your new content daily, and makes an effort not to be a generic copy/past comment, the polite thing to do is respond back even if you don't have much favor of their content.

    It's when they do the absolutely off-topic copy&paste comments that bugs me. Even if their topic isn't the most interesting, I can usually find something in the post that is funny or interesting.

    In cases that I cannot deal with their content at all, I'd kindly let them know and remove them.