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Sunday, September 26, 2010


So one system gets neglected often when doing video game reviews (or just playing them) that system is PSP. Sure the PSP is one of the worst Handhelds since the Gamegear, but it has some nice gems on it. One I particularly enjoyed was a strange game called Patapon. WTF is a Patapon you may ask. Patapon are these little Tribal Eyeball creatures that you see on the front of the case.

Now Patapon is a strategy game with a twist. As soon as you turn on the game you basically sign your name onto a piece of paper stating that you are now the god of the Patapon and that you will lead them to victory. The Major difference with this strategy game compared to others is that you control all your units...wait for it...WITH DRUMS. Each button on the PSP face is set to a different drum. You have  Pata, Pon, Don, and Chaka drums. With these drums you either tell your Patapon to advance, attack, defend, retreat, or you can use one of your miracles which initiates a rhythm mini game.
You will often find that Patapon are up against terrible odds...

Heres the other catch, when you play the drum beats. They have to be done to the Rhythm of the drum playing in the background which is always in 1/4 beat. So 1-2-3-4-1-2-3-4-1-2-3-4. The Rhythms are really hypnotic and I actually found myself chanting them before for no reason. Get used to hearing PATA-PATA-PATA-PON which is the command to make your Patapon move. Oh and PON-PON-PATA-PON which is the attack drums. If you manage to do these perfectly with the beat, your Patapon will enter something called fever mode. In fever mode all the Patapon get SUPER EPIC and usually do more damage and/or get more range on attack, it really just varies by Patapon type.

The dragons will be the least of your worries...
Somehow this game has managed to bring you a Rhythm based game as well as strategy. Now here is where the game gets cool. You make all your troops from random items and equipment you acquire in battle. Mind you there are set formulas for each on like say for instance, One metal plus one wood plus some points. So you would use your best metal, the best wood and what ever number of points the Patapon cost to make them. The rarer the stuff the better the Patapon. This is where the game really stands out and makes you want to "hunt" to get better equipment and items. By hunting I mean doing a mission that requires you to kill a certain type of enemy.

So what did I think of the game? I thought this game was perfect. On the PSP it was super portable, it has great sound (even better if you plug in your headphones) and there are plenty of rhythm based distractions in the game to keep you busy while you are not leading the Patapon to the other end of the world. Now if I wouldn't have played the second one I would have said this was the best. But the second adds a lot to the game.

There are several different unit types,
So make sure you plan accordingly.
The Graphics in this game are beautiful. Simplistic and Beautiful. In my many years of playing video games...which has been 18 years, I have never seen a game quite like this one. Just when you think the game is lacking in color you will be hit with Crazy Backgrounds, Rain Effects, Wind Effects (this actually plays a huge roll in the game SO PAY ATTENTION.

The gameplay in it can get pretty stale. Unless you like Mindlessly banging on drums. Personally I loved it because you had to know exactly what you were doing at times to keep your Patapon alive. You had to know exactly when to strike and when to pull back. If you Charged in there willy nilly like you could survive...but you would lose A LOT of Patapon. The Equipment feature in the game is nice too because you get to put different equipment on different Patapon thus giving you the ability to pick favorites.

This is where the game Really Shines. When you enter a level all you hear is one drum. As you advance or enter fever mode the music gets more intense. Rather it be a simple tribal drum beat and the Patapon Chanting to some Techno with the Patapon going crazy and yelling things in their Patapon Language. You will really feel like some sort of drumming god in this one.

Patapon can be a lot of fun. There is a slight learning curve though. I know I sat down and I played this game until I could not play it anymore (aka I finished the story line and did everything I wanted to do in the hunts) and I am lucky I did because your data transfers over in Patapon 2 and I am sure if you complete Patapon 2 it will do the same in 3. All and all though I give this game an 8.7 out of 10


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  1. Wtf...what an odd looking game. I kind of wish I had a PSP to be able to check this one out. It looks completely mindfuckingly awesome.

    Good review, guy.

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  3. Those little guys are so cute! I watched a friend play this game for a little while once. The "pon-pon-pata-pon" is so catchy! :) I'd love to play it. Rhythm AND strategy game? Must be awesome.

  4. My friend had a demo of the game. It was pretty addicting. A nice way to incorporate music and adventure together I felt, but I wouldn't go out of my way to buy and play it.

  5. What interesting artwork for a game.

  6. this looks interesting, wish i had a psp :P

  7. i love this game and my psp!
    Stopping in just to say, from one blogger to another, that your blog is awesome!

  8. Looks like Alien Homonid or one of the Fulp flash games.

  9. quite nice...

    I also agree with Tal Zahn

  10. too bad the psp is rubish and i'll never own one