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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mutha' Flubbin' Batman: Arkham Asylum. Nuff Said. Ya huuuur?

Bad Ass Cover, Check.

Batman Arkham Asylum

Basically the BEST BATMAN GAME EVER. This one is a must play. You take on the roll of the caped crusader in this one (duh) as all hell breaks loose in Arkham Asylum. Yes that means ALL of the baddies are here. I am talking Top ranking Bad Guys. I don't want to give away too much. Lets Break this game down for what it really is!


Who can Resist this smile?
ALL THE CHARACTERS IN THIS GAME ARE SO BAD ASS. They stay true to their comic book and cartoon selves. This, in my opinion, is the best part of the game. There are so many characters in the batman universe and this game finds a way to pack them all into one game. Joker (voiced by Mark Hamill) is perfectly portrayed in this game. He is as twisted and maniacal as the Joker should be. Now I am talking Dark Knight-esque Joker. Killing Joke Joker. He, of course, is the mastermind behind everything in this game. Why? Well I can't tell you because that would ruin the whole game, but I can tell you is this. He is the damn Joker. Who else would have a master Plan to lock everyone in Arkham Asylum in Arkham and release all the prisoners? Besides in the Batman comics when Bane released all the prisoners into  Gotham.

The Scarecrow has always been one of the
sweetest looking Batman Villains EVER.
Another character I thought they portrayed the right way in this game was *DUN DUN DUUNNNN* The Scarecrow. Sure it is pretty cheesy when you fight a giant version of him, but when he hits you with that Fear Toxin shit of his, just hope you are not playing the game at night. I was, this is one of the only games that actually made me jump because of a stupid cheap scare. Next being Resident Evil 2 and then Silent Hill (maybe I should review those next?)

Oh, did I mention the Killer Croc?


This is a very strong point of this game. It is a really in-depth and lengthy. If you are looking for Batman this is here. For Batman fanboy (or girl) this will be extremely fulfilling  If you are not a batman fan, you may find the story to be cheesy. But that doesn't mean it is not hella epic. That is right. I said hella.

Edit: I also like how the damage Batman takes during the storyline is reflected all throughout the game. Such as cuts on costume and tattered cape.

If you can see it here, you can get there.

The levels in this game are vast and have a dark, gritty feel to them. Let's face it, you are trapped in an insane asylum with nothing but cops and nut jobs. But just look at this. Look at the vast amount of detail in this game. No wonder it is the MOST taxing game on 360.

Rather you are walking down a dark cell block or strolling through the security station or even a library filled with thugs, this game delivers the Batman atmosphere 100%

This game would be a perfect 10 if the gameplay wasn't repetitive. Now I enjoyed this game so much that I say it is one of my top ten games. But since I am reviewing this I have to be fair.
This is in game graphics. You will do this a lot.
As well as crawl through vents.

Repetition in shows up during things like melee combat, Countering enemies, sneaking and investigating. When doing theses things they all feel the same as they did your first encounter with them. For me this was perfect because the game didn't lose me at all. But for other gamers, this may seem daunting because this is an 8 to 10 hour game. Maybe more if you play all the challenges and go through all of The Riddler's Puzzles.

Oh yeah, All the Gadgets are amazing. It just wouldn't be a Batman game without the utility belt of Goodies. Let me tell you, there are plenty here. You will feel like you did in Metal Gear Solid or Legend of Zelda whenever you found a new piece of equipment each time you get a cool Bat device in this game

This game is flipping amazing. After awhile things do feel slightly stale but it does not ruin the Batman Experience. If you want to feel as bad ass as Batman, then play this game. If you just want an awesome epic adventure (that just so happens to have batman as the main character) then play this game.  If you don't play it for that, at least play it to experience the Depth that the creators put into this game. It is well worth it for just that. The characters are superb, the sounds are intense (didn't mention it in the full review, but the sound effects are spot on and the music is brooding and very fitting), the story is dark, the mechanics are rock solid. 

It is like Legend of Zelda mechanics nailed a good Batman Comic and their baby came out the best damn super hero game ever.

That is right I said it. It is the best super hero game ever, hands down. Can't really be super hero I guess seeing how Bruce Wayne did not have any super powers...he did have super cunning though...

I give it a 9.8 out of 10

I am Batma-


Regh out.


  1. I was never much of a batman fan...but the game looks pretty sweet. Just dropping by to show my respect and support for a fellow blogger ;)

  2. hm, that really is interesting. thank you!

  3. I never played this game, but always thought i might like it. Now i want to go buy it, thanx for the review. :D

  4. so badass

  5. I played the demo a while back, but I never got around to buying the full game. If it's as good as you say, then I will go to the store asap.

  6. looks like an awesome game!! i want to play it now :)

  7. Good review, sir. And I concur, Arkham Asylum is one of the best games to come out of this generation of consoles.

  8. Never played it but I hear it is awesome. Thanks.

  9. that's a fun game, but very little replay value.

    Loved the combat system

  10. I love this game, so original!

  11. That game was just 100% pure awesomeness

  12. this game looks really good. fantastic review btw, im just worried the map wont be very big...i hate free roam games that have small maps.

  13. I really need to get this game for Steam....

  14. A batman game that actually look good? Holy shit! :O Thanks for talking of it!