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Monday, September 13, 2010

Red Dead Redemption: Western GTA done right

Box art looks something like this
Red Dead Redemption

a note to the readers: I have been extremely burnt out the last few days and I apologize. I will try to make reviews better than this one in the future and I will try to edit this one when I find time.

I need to start this review by saying that I still have not played the first game. So my opinion is not swayed by that.

Red Dead Redemption is a sandbox Western Game that is a lot like Grand Theft Auto with a Change in Scenery, skin lift of every character, weapons that are more accessible and made a spaghetti western map. Which is okay because Rockstar does this Right.

The graphics are so beautiful in this game.
In Red Dead Redemption, you play as John Marston a former gang member who's family was taken by government until he can bring one of his old cohorts. It plays much like Grand Theft Auto in the sense all the controls are essentially the same and you get to shoot at a lot of things. This is fun. Lots of fun. One thing that makes this game different from GTA is all of the extras it has. Including Dead Eye, which is when you hit the R1 or Right Bumper and the screen turns all sepia tone and time slows down and you are able to take pot shots. There are also random encounters in the wild west such as horses getting stolen, whores being attacked, and people trying to set you up just to name a few.

There is also hunting missions and random achievements that actually make you get things such as Guns, Horses, and Clothing. There is still the ability to steal horses and go on shooting rampages.

I would rather not talk about the story too much, but it is a very good one. Rockstar really spent some time on this game. The story is well thought out and full of twists and turns.

This game has mastered all the sound effects and music. The Music is really inspired by all the old action packed spaghetti western movies. The music randomly starts playing when ever you are met with a confrontation or any random events.

I can't really get into how awesome this game is because I don't want to give it away. I mean I would normally go into the characters but I would rather not say anything about the story or characters because I want it to be a big surprise to anyone that plays. Just know, I do give this game a 9.5 out of 10 just because of the sheer awesomeness of it. I haven't even completed it yet...sooo...I am going to go do so Now!


Regh out

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  1. cool thanks regh! :) looks like a wicked game!

  2. I've really wanted to play this game but i'm waiting for a bigger price drop at the moment. :D

  3. @Savage Nugget The only reason I got it is because my dad paid for it LOL

  4. Kewl story, bro! Following!