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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

TRV$ DJ AM Fix Your Face Vol.1 and 2. It will do just that.

Having some hard drive issues on the PC or maybe it is a Vista Error...I am hoping it is just Vista. I am currently running a couple things to get it working again. Until then I am stuck on my Mac Book Pro that was given to my by my school.

Not a very Imaginative cover.
But bad ass.

An Epic Duo
Time for a strange review. FIX YOUR FACE is a collaborative mixtape made by Travis Barker (known for his drumming in the American group Blink 182) and the (late but) great DJ AM (Adam Goldstein). In this project, Travis Barker plays drums while DJ AM mixes tracks. That situation is a big "whut?" But it works out awesomely. It was sweet enough for them to make a second volume. Coachella or FIX YOUR FACE VOL.2. Moving on now...

The DJ: A Mixing master
All DJ's must have fly-ass kicks
DJ AM is probably one of the BEST DJs I have ever heard. Seriously, look this guy up. Here is his Wiki:

On both Fix your face vol.1 and 2, DJ AM mixes together so many different artists, it is hard to keep track of them all. So I am now going to sit here and list off as many bands as I can before I finish my post.

The Beastie Boys, Guns and Roses, Jay-Z, Easy E, Biggie Smalls, The Zombies, The Beatles, Lil Wayne, Damien Marley, Foo Fighters, and The Who just to name a few. I would tell you the entire list but that would ruin the magic. If you have read my previous posts, then you know that I hate ruining a good surprise.

In his past life, Travis was a drumming god.
All the while Travis Barker is wailing on drums.  If you know who Travis Barker is, you know that he can play a mean drum kit. If you don't know who he is, grab a blunt object and immediately smash yourself in the face...or go to youtube and look him up. You will be impressed with his skills as a drummer and his body full of tattoos.

One thing I must mention about these mixtapes. Travis' drumming bring new life to amazing songs. One that really shines out to me is Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes.

Overview of greatness
So what exactly does it sound like? A bunch of hit songs mixed together that make you feel awesome and nostalgic at times. With these mixtapes in your arsenal, you will be able to DJ for an entire party. Well at least until you run out of tracks...or the track repeats (there are a few). Then people will just think you are lame and cant come up with anything original. Then they will figure out you are not DJing at all and will probably want to kick you in the teeth and get their money back. So don't try that. Instead, tell them who it is. They will appreciate the honesty and love the CDs so much they will have to go out and buy them (not even download) thus bringing money back to the economy! PLAY THIS AT YOUR PARTY!

If you don't do that at least give it one listen to. But, if you are like me, you will respect this piece of work for what it is, two insanely talented guys doing what they enjoy most...

Fixing your Face?

I give it a 9.2 out of 10

Check out their video for the the first song on Fix your Face Vol.1


  1. You know, I remember you showing me this project, specifically that first video. I thought I'd hate it since I'm not a huge fan of house/trance/techno or anything like that, nor am I a fan of any Blink 182 post-Dude Ranch, but I was pleasantly surprised. It really is kind of interesting to hear some of the mixes these dudes put together. They do it well, too. This shit's hard to do. DJ Hero and Rock Band taught me that.

  2. LOL i love the part about Djing a party with this Mix. :D

  3. @Ankiseth You particularly enjoyed the Baba O'Riley mix if I remember correctly.

    @Chasityxo Super Awesome

    @Savage Nugget I don't remember writing it. I was so tired.

  4. Oh wow! I'll check it out! I can't tell if this means it'll be Drum n Bass music (not a fan of that genre) but I am a fan of travis Barker. I have to at least give it a listen, haha!

  5. @Tal Zahn It is not drum and bass so fret not. It is more so Drum with REAL Djing.